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THE Problem

Understanding the E-waste Challenge

Increase in e-waste from 2014 to 2019.
Million metric tons - Amount of e-waste generated by 2019.
Projected rise in e-waste by 2030, reaching 74.7 million metric tons.
Proportion of e-waste not recycled, a lost opportunity for sustainability.

Companies that choose to extend the life of IT equipment, donate or recycle them when they reach their end-of-life, often overlook tracking the carbon savings from these actions, crucial for their net-zero targets.

With Toboro, you can track the full impact of your e-waste management, and confidently move towards cutting down your Scope 3 supply chain and end-of-life emissions.

convert data into actionable KPIs

A Circular Approach to the E-Waste Valorization

The solutions to e-waste all come down to better management of a valuable resource. With Toboro, extending the life cycle of your IT equipment and recovering the financial value of electronic assets has never been easier.

  • Donation: Donate your end-of-life IT assets to create a positive societal impact.
  • Recycling: Send them to recyclers for disassembly and material recovery.
  • Resale: Sell IT assets in the second-hand market to extend their lifespan and recover financial value.
  • Internal Redistribution: Re-circulate them within your organization to maximize utility.

Already engaged in one or more of these actions? Excellent! Toboro steps in from here, collecting essential data and converting them into actionable KPIs for your sustainability reporting.

Our Services

Asset Lifecycle Management
Streamline the tracking, allocation, and utilization of your electronic assets.
Eco-Friendly Disposal Solutions
Responsibly manage the end-of-life disposal of your electronics with our recycling, resale, and donation channels.
Comprehensive Metrics and Reporting
Leverage accurate data and insights for enhanced sustainability reporting.
Certified Partner Ecosystem
Engage with our network of certified partners for effective e-waste handling and value recovery.
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Why Choose Toboro?

Example use case: Extending laptop lifespan

Typically, your company's laptops serve their purpose for a span of 2 to 5 years. However, their utility often extends beyond this timeframe, even with a dip in performance. Instead of choosing to discard the laptops, you have the option to prolong their life by donating or reselling them.

This not only curtails e-waste and carbon emissions but also conserves raw materials and provides financial returns. Toboro facilitates this transition, assisting your organization in reducing e-waste and carbon emissions, while enhancing your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) metrics and actions.

Discover the shift from regular e-waste handling to a full, data-based way to manage your assets.

Automated Asset Tracking

Seamlessly track your electronic assets throughout their lifecycle.

Data-Driven Insights

Harness real-time analytics from reputable sources like ADEME for informed e-waste management decisions.

Tailored Metrics

Obtain precise metrics on carbon emissions, raw materials, water usage, financial value, and e-waste quantities, tailored to your operations.

Regulatory and Standard Compliance

Effortlessly stay compliant with environmental regulations and sustainability standards like ISO 26000, GRI, SASB, CDP, EU CSRD (ESRS), and TCFD.

Sustainable Value Recovery

Enhance your organization's sustainability profile while recovering value from e-waste.

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Toboro is here to simplify, streamline, and add value to your e-waste management processes

Before Toboro

  • Lack of transparency and traceability in e-waste management.
  • Disjointed data, making sustainability reporting a challenge.
  • Missed opportunities in unlocking the financial value of e-waste.
  • Value of e-waste remains uncaptured, leading to financial and environmental losses.

After Toboro

  • In-depth Metrics: Essential for sustainability reporting, covering carbon emissions, raw materials, water usage, financial value, and e-waste quantities.
  • E-waste Traceability: Full transparency over your e-waste management practices.
  • All-in-One Platform: Centralizing e-waste data, making management and reporting streamlined.
  • Partner Involvement: Invite your partners to the platform, fostering a collaborative approach to e-waste management.
  • CO2 Emissions Reduction: Actively measure, manage, and reduce the CO2 emissions generated by your e-waste.
  • Access to a Certified Ecosystem: Engage with a complete ecosystem of certified partners for effective e-waste management.
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03. Analysis & Reporting
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